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Elective course  2011
Photography in Practice 
Course code  
Department Institute of Architecture 
Professor in charge PhD Candidate Pavlina Andrea Lucas 
Additional staff  
Passed foundation level
Instruction language English 
Max no. of students 16 
ECTS credits

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Studio course (24 credits)

Course description

This course will devote 20% of the overall time to introduce students to the work of the most pivotal practitioners of photography - with an emphasis on photographers whose work is primarily an exploration of spatial conditions.

Subsequently, 30% of the overall time will be devoted to the introduction of the technical aspects of the medium - both analog and digital - as well as issues of choice of subject matter, framing and composition, and capturing of light and time. In order to understand these aspects of the photographic, students will practice them "in-the-field" and produce work that focuses on a particular theme of their choice. (for example: passage, enclosure, movement, silence, layering, etc) This photographic output will be discussed as a group in class during one session.

For the remaining 50% of the overall time students will be asked to choose one of the images that they produced which has a quality that they identify as spatially potent. This quality is to be the seed for the invention of an architectural space which they shall develop and explore through the process of modelmaking (not computer generated).

Learning outcomes

This course will give the students the opportunity to acquire a core knowledge on the photographic practice, especially in relation to exploring architecture and spatial experience at large. It will teach them the basic principles of photography and allow them to practice these through their own hands-on production. Ultimately the course will provide a chance to experiment with the photograph as an inspirational tool in the process of the production of an architectural/spatial concept.

Contents and teaching methods

20% of course time will be in the form of lectures, there will be obligatory reading for the students as preparation for the lectures.

30% of course time will be spent ”in-the-field” with students exploring their chosen theme photographically.  These photographs will be discussed in the group in conjuction with some of the readings as well as in view of the ultimate task of the course.

50% of the rest of the course time will be allocated to the building of a physical model that takes on and explores the spatial potential detected in the chosen photograph. An exhibition will be installed at the end of the semester showing the originary photograph with the final model.

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Exams and assessment methods

Minimum acceptable attendance: 80%

Grade will be calculated on the basis of the following:

50% attendance and participation

50% output - photographic (due mid term) and architectural (due at the end of the semester)  

Pass / Fail grade scale


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